Dutari Silk Jamdani Tangail Saree (সিল্ক জামদানি শাড়ি) HHS-490

৳ 4,750.00

Product Features:

Design: Tangail Soft Silk Jamdani Saree
Fabric: Silk
Blouse piece: Attached
Color shades: Red

Order over phone: 01973532353

A beautiful sari for a woman with a beautiful mind!

None of us in Bangladesh can think a Bengali woman without a collection of beautiful sarees / saris. In the collection there must be some colorful Tangail sarees / saris. elebele.com (এলেবেলে.কম) has been working on Tangail sarees / saris for more than 35 years. elebele.com believes that you should have a beautiful mind if you want to wear a beautiful saree / sari. A beautiful saree / sari (শাড়ি) is a story of a beautiful life.

Dutari Silk Jamdani Tangail Saree (সিল্ক জামদানি শাড়ি)

This saree / sari is made of good quality silk yarns. Silk fabric is vey comfortable and makes every woman beautiful. If you want to know more about tant (তাঁত) sari, click the link:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tant_sari

Product Feature

This Silk Tangail Saree / Sari has been sourced from a very skilled and renowned tanti by elebele.com. Our all sarees / saris are directly collected from the tanti (তাঁতি) or the saree makers who originate the Tangail sarees / saris. When you place an order with us, we will ship your saree from Tangail by SA Paribahan, Sundarban Courier Service or any other courier services which one is near to your address or easier for to collect from. All our sarees / saris are designed for simplicity and made from high quality materials. Its sleek geometry and material combinations creates a modern personalized look.

Wash and Care

You should be very careful in maintaining your precious saree. Wear and use your saree in a way that you do not need to wash it very frequently. Dry wash is recommended when it needs washing. You can wash by hands carefully using shampoo. Please talk to the people who are maintaining cotton sarees / saris with proper care. Iron your saree softly with perfect heat before you wear. Always maintain your saree properly. Preserve your saree in a dry and clean place. Sometimes keep your saree under sunlight to remove fungus.


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